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Hotel Rinascimento, part of the prestigious chain of the Trevi Group of Hotels, inaugurates a new hostelry size, guiding guests to discover Rome. In this session you will find news and information on events not to miss during your stay. Culture, art, worldliness, gastronomy and much more: events and opportunities carefully chosen and reviewed for you by Hotel Rinascimento. Immerse yourself in the life of Roma: transformed from a leading tourist.

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Reviews - Roman Holiday. India Estate 2019

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  INDIA ESTATE 2019. From 4 August with the first appointment with Roman Holiday, Teatro India gets Cinema in the open with free admission On the agenda 4 August, Roman holidays (1953) di William Wyler; 5 August, Match Point … Read More

Travel in ancient Rome

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  From 17 April to 3 November 2019 Travel back the ancient Rome by Piero Angela. After the successes of recent years are repeated exciting routes through the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar. … Read More

Exhibitions - Sensuability: I said nothing mom?

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Bodies not perfect, but still sensual. to break down, ironically, the stereotypes of gender and disability is "Sensuability: I said nothing mom?”, Collective Exhibition of comics and illustrations that returns from the 5 July to 31 August … Read More

Faces of Rome to Montemartini

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  From 18 April to 22 September 2019 the Capitoline Museums, headquarters in the Central Montemartini an original exhibition to discover the old in new ways. The exhibition is sponsored by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth – Capitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, e … Read More

Good Food in Bad Times

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  Winter 1940. Mussolini, in his famous speech of 18 November, he declared: ”We will break the backs to Greece”. Thousands were snatched from their homes, from their jobs, from their roots: Guido, a young cook, is one such. Not fight in … Read More

Roma in the darkroom. Photographs of the nineteenth century the city today

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  From 27 March to 22 September 2019 at the Museum of Rome will celebrate the 180 years since the birth of photography. The exhibition curated by Flavia Fish and Simonetta Tozzi presents 320 all images coming from the photographic archive of the Museum of … Read More