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Hotel Rinascimento, part of the prestigious chain of the Trevi Group of Hotels, inaugurates a new hostelry size, guiding guests to discover Rome. In this session you will find news and information on events not to miss during your stay. Culture, art, worldliness, gastronomy and much more: events and opportunities carefully chosen and reviewed for you by Hotel Rinascimento. Immerse yourself in the life of Roma: transformed from a leading tourist.

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Etruscan Colors

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  From 11 July 2019 al 2 February 2020 at the Central Montemartini a moving celebration of Etruscan painting thanks to the extraordinary collection of figurative wall plates and precious architectural fragments, many unpublished, from the ancient Caere, the current Cerveteri. finds … Read More

Waiting for Christmas to Casina di Raffaello!

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  On the occasion of the upcoming holiday season, Casina di Raffaello, the art space and creativity of the Department Person, School and Community Solidarity of Roma Capitale, managed in collaboration with Zetema Culture Project, from Saturday 7 see you on Sunday 22 December devotes … Read More

Roma Gospel Festival 2019

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  From 22 al 31 December 2019 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica the fourteenth edition of the most important European festivals gospel. The magic of this music back to Rome in the now traditional Christmas event and this year also has the presence of … Read More

Roman Domus Celio

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  In one of the most beautiful sights of Rome, the early Christian basilica of San Giovanni e Paolo al Celio, They were found in the area below the church the remains of an ancient Roman house and large composed of about 20 rooms, the … Read More

Medardo Rosso

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  From 10 October 2019 al 2 February 2020, at the Palazzo Altemps, part of the National Roman Museum, for the first time in Rome a monographic exhibition dedicated to Medardo Rosso, the original interpretation of the idea Impressionist sculptor … Read More

Imaginary Landscapes of Giordano Angeletti

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  critical texts: * Frank Martin * Riccardo Pieroni These photographs show the public architectural miniatures placed in the context typical of the South of the United States. The contrast between the architecture lived - real and miniature, che ne … Read More