Canova. Eternal Beauty

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Canova Eternal Beauty


From 9 October 2019 al 15 March 2020, in the halls of Museo di Roma of Palazzo Braschi, the exhibition on the intense relationship Antonio Canova He lived with the City of Roma. Place decisive for his creative ability and inexhaustible source of inspiration, also explains that the exposure through suggestive details.

Promoted and produced by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth (Capitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage) e Arthemisia, organized with Zètema Culture Project, It relies on the presence of Giuseppe Pavanello as curator of an exhibition organized and complete, which perfectly blends the many works present.

The exhibition

The exhibition winds through 13 sections that contain, overall, more than 170 works. It is a story about the context in which Canova plunges since his arrival in Rome in 1779, and the presence of works by his contemporaries the full scope statement in which it will produce its most famous masterpieces.


The spectacular effects that arise from sophisticated lighting solutions, creating sophisticated games of lights and shadows, and the soft and elegant forms of the mythical gods appear in the ideal beauty reached. The comfortable atmosphere evocation of his studio in via the Columns, where he was born his masterpieces, and where, "Tourchlight" received his guests, It is fascinating and exciting. To imagine and perceive the gesture, discover how the shape and the raw material may contain lines and gentle curves, created by hands sublime, wonder and amazement.

How beautifully the substantial wealth of works from many important international museums and collections, and Italian; starting from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, to arrive at the Vatican Museums and the Capitoline, and then the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Academies of Fine Arts in Bologna and Ravenna, of course the Gypsotheca and Antonio Canova Museum in Possagno, and yet the Musée des Augustins Toulouse, the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa, the Correr Museum in Venice, , the National Academy of San Luca, the Strada Nuova Museums of Genoa-Palazzo Tursi, to the Museum of Asolo, just to name a few. This proof of the strong commitment and authoritative exhibition proposal created for the event. After all, it could not be otherwise when dealing with the life of an artist like Antonio Canova.


Antonio Canova

"The new Fidia", nickname well deserved, It is recognized as the greatest exponent of Neoclassicism in sculpture, It was born in Possagno on November 1st of 1757, His father Peter was a stonemason by profession, He held his apprenticeship in Venice with his teacher and friend Simone Meoni. In Venice he died on 13 October's 1822.

In 1779 he moved to Rome, where he lived all his life and where from the beginning can study the ancient sculpture, who had already admired in previous visits to Pompeii, Paestum and Herculaneum, and get in touch with the restoration workshops of archaeological finds, as well as learn about the theories of Winckelman and Mengs. He frequently traveled abroad or to return to their original settlements, but Rome always represented an essential and necessary point of reference where to express the spirit of the ideal of perfection of ancient sculptures conjugated to the tastes of his time. The marble softened by his art seduces and enchants the courts, and begins to boast prestigious clients, Napoleon at the papal court, by the Bourbons to the Habsburgs, including the Roman nobility, the Venetian, up to Russia. As in life, his work occupied a very wide geographical space, so after death Canova continues to occupy a significant space in the imaginary artistic.


Do not miss this exhibition-event certainly among the high-level exhibitions in Rome in the new season.


Info, Timetable and prices

Canova. Eternal Beauty.

From 9 October 2019 al 15 March 2020, Museo di Roma – Palazzo Braschi, Input from Piazza Navona 2 and Piazza San Pantaleo 10

Schedule: Every day h 10-19
Closing days: 25 December, 1 January

Ticket: Show only ticket, Adults € 13, Reduced € 11

Integrated ticket Museum of Rome + Trade shows, Residents: Adults € 19.50, Reduced € 17.50
Non-residents: Adults € 19, Reduced € 15

(The ticket office closes at 18)

Info: *30 060608 (Every day h 9-19)