Good Food in Bad Times

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Teatro good kitchen in bad times


Winter 1940. Mussolini, in his famous speech of 18 November, he declared: ”We will break the backs to Greece”.

Thousands were snatched from their homes, from their jobs, from their roots: Guido, a young cook, is one such. Do not fight on the front line, on the battlefield, but cook the fascist army dependencies. During the service will to go through various kitchens and prepare meals for other mouths to feed, which often escape. The only goal is to go home, Villa Santa Maria, to rejoin his family, to its roots, to his kitchen.

The Theater Company FORGE ZERO


Good Food in Bad Times

A production Forge Zero

Original text Francesco Battaglia

Directed by Matthew Finamore

Assistant director Olga Galieri

Actors Andrea Carriero, Lorenzo Guerrieri, Paul Madonna, Sara Giannelli

Costume Designer Julia Menaspà

Director's Notes

This show was born from the need to tell the story of a soldier viewed from a new perspective: to cook. The horror of war, told and represented several times, Here it is spied with unusual lenses kitchen. Guido before being a soldier is a chef, but despite not alive never the first line of the battlefield, still breathes the agony of those years.

All the characters that Guido will meet during the affair will be represented by three other actors who take turns in more than ten roles in a kind of whirlwind of rumors, dialects, languages ​​and cultures (also culinary). In the show there is no attempt at total mimicry or realism scenic and the same actors never appear truly from the stage; In fact, their changes will be visible to the public which will be transformed before their eyes the actors in different characters.

The Guido adventure is a trip, A leak, a constant attempt to return home, so that he can finally stripped of his uniform and again wearing civilian clothes and apron. That Guido we might describe modern odyssey in which the “go back home” It does not end Nell'accezione the geographical term, but that is configured as a continuous external and internal struggle in an attempt to regain, during the destruction of a world war, the smell and flavor of “home”.

When, Dove, Information

From 13/06/2019 al 15/06/2019
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Via Nicola Zabaglia, 42 – Roma (RM)

13 June hours 21:00
14 June hours 21:00
15 June hours 18:00

Info and Reservations:
tel. 331 1062629
FB page and Instagram: Forge Zero