Emiliano Mancuso. A different beauty. Italy 2003-2018

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From 14 June to 6 October 2019, at Museo di Roma in Trastevere.

Located within the Carmelite convent of Sant'Egidio, in the heart of perhaps the most representative of the Roman Quarter, It is born, just over forty years ago as Museum of Folklore and the Roman dialect poets. In the years, developing its prerogatives with exhibitions and conferences on subjects related to the city, She has expanded its geographical and thematic scope, becoming also a place where the investigation of the contemporary world could establish a direct dialogue with the historical past.

Emiliano Mancuso shows Italy
Jul 2005 Naples. Three girls going on the small engine to the sea to Posillipo

Emiliano Mancuso

And here is the natural place the exhibition dedicated to Emiliano Mancuso, the Roman photographer who died prematurely in September 2018. clean yes Renata Ferri, exposure presents 150 photo made over fifteen years of work, in which Mancuso It explored the Italian reality of the new millennium, turning his attention to the less visible, more hidden and unspoken. Through the use of different languages ​​and techniques: black and white, color, digital images and Polaroid, and he is sneaking in the latter part of his life even as a director, He captures the different beauty, enunciated in the title, made of troubled and afflicted mankind, mirror of a society suspended between the myth of the beautiful country and the search for the elusive identity. In fact, as the curator "Beauty is not that of Italy in the most classical definition, but the beauty of 'postcards sociological' Mancuso "

The Italian Show 2003-2018

The four sections in which the exhibition is divided effectively reveal the sensitive and attentive gaze able to grasp the events and situations that affect the transformation of society. It starts with

  • Lands of South. A photographic project within a working five years, from 2003 al 2008, which it was made into a book published in 2008. A trip in the Italian South in the era of globalization, still tight in the grip of social Southern question, where the lights and contradictions are documented in a serious and timely look.
  • State Italy It is the second section. It gathers a selection of photographs taken during the three years 2008- 2011, where Mancuso documenting the stories and faces of the economic and social crisis of an Italy call to deal with new demands. Engage with sensitive rigor epochal events such as migrant landings in Lampedusa, the problems of living conditions of children caused by Taranto Ilva factory, or the uprising of African laborers in Rosarno. The photos accompany numerous news reports of those years. For this work will realize a book: State Italy, published in 2011.
  • Journal Felix, work of 2016 testifies to the investigation of a new theme. Mancuso spent a year with the kids hosted by the community Casa Felix, the hosting place children with family problems or serving alternative measures to prison. In this case Mancuso realizes a documentary that, in particular, He recounts the last year of residence in the structure of a group of eight boys. The work will receive a Golden Globe nomination in 2015 Best Documentary.
  • Le Cicale, title of the last section, Full path. The documentary 2018 It chronicles the lives of four people, men and women, close to retirement or already retired, in difficult economic conditions, They seek to address the various problems while preserving their dignity. Made with the photographer and filmmaker Federico Romano, It is traveling in a private person more vulnerable conducted with the honest seeker of scruples, who does not want to exploit, but identify, if possible, a hope. "Giving voice to the stories of these men and women do not mean to dwell on their discomfort ....... but try to put a positive image. Our cicadas are very ants " They explained Mancuso and Romano.


To note the texts that accompany the four sections signed by Domenico Starnone, Lucia Annunziata, Mimmo Lombezzi e Renata Ferri, along with English translations edited by Francesca povoledné.


This exhibition is a good opportunity, walking through the suggestions of Trastevere, to visit one of the landmarks, by now, the neighborhood, and let stimulate the stories and reflections of one of the most important photographers of inquiry in recent years.


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Emiliano Mancuso. A different beauty. Italy 2003-2018

From 14 June to 6 October 2019, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza S. Egidio 1 / b

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday h 10-20; Monday closed

Tickets: Museum + Rates exhibits non-residents: Adults € 6, Reduced € 5;

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