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The Butterfly House in Rome


From 23 March to 9 June reopens Butterfly House Via Appia Pignatelli 450. In the tropical greenhouse invitation a must for all lovers of one of the most delicate and fascinating expressions of nature.

Behind one of the richest archaeological sites in the capital and Appian Way Regional Park, which together with the Municipality of Rome is its patron, we will find a paradise of peace and prosperity to revive oneself with the charm.

In the garden you can admire hundreds of butterflies in freedom, following its own life cycle. The path absolutely charming, where the habitat is reproduced, It allows you to see up close some of the most spectacular butterflies in the world. It will seem to be completely immersed in the magic and beauty. Colorful or by perfect designs evoke grace and delicate surprise.


This of 2019 and the third edition that, after the success of the two previous, It is enriched by the first of the Butterflies Orto. The exhibition sees the presence of the most enjoyable to native butterflies plants. The interesting aspect is also given by the presence of key plants for our nutrition, since the purpose will be, in addition to that of realizing a place where butterflies can feed, also to create an oasis to grow vegetables and herbs.

Walking between the vivacious and fluttering wings, discovering them through the leaves of the plants together with biologists and entomologists to guide visitors, It will also be very stimulating cognitive experience. Indeed, as stated by the biologist promoter of this initiative Eleonora AlescioThe butterflies as well as being among the most colorful and beautiful animals in the world, are environmental indicators that with their presence or absence indicate the health of the environment. The goal of The Butterfly House is to communicate this important concept ". Observe the caterpillars and pupae of butterflies, truly magical place where the insect metamorphosis takes, or cocoons of moths, and maybe touch the silk of the cocoon itself, It becomes an experience of close dialogue with other living beings.

The environment is also enriched by the presence of other insects such as stick insects, the leaf insect, the hissing cockroaches Madagascar, the giant centipede e The harvester ants. The Butterfly House, then, as directed and fun educational place that can make us more aware of our coexistence with nature.


An exploration for large and small where you can be accompanied by emotion, experiencing the wonder and the enchanting animals prodigy, and maybe relax, in the picnic area or in the indoor with the refreshment point, allowing himself a spring day of harmony.


Info, Timetable and prices


From 23 March to 9 June reopens Butterfly House, Appia Pignatelli 450

Schedule: From Monday to Friday h 9-13 e h 15-19, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays h 9-19

Last half hour prior to closing time

Entrance ticket: € 6 full, € 4 Reduced (dai 4 to 12 years), € 5 for holders of

Card Friends of the Appia Antica Park

Tel: +39 380 7851349,