Marina Malabotti photographer. A public gaze and private

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Marina Malabotti photographer. A public gaze and private - Galleria Nazionale Rome


From 5 February to 31 March 2019

At the Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea exhibition, by Giacomo Daniela Gragapane.


Nowadays, with all the technological tools available, photography and the act of photographing appear as trivial elements of which all seem to possess the competence. Then when you come into contact with those in the instrument stops forever pictures, He can find an intimate and transcendent relationship, you realize what it means to stop the moment, capture a breath or tell a story. It is finally able to perceive those who know how to create art through a gesture for all of us became daily.


Who is Marina Malabotti

The exhibition dedicated to Marina Malabotti reveals his art. Photographer-anthropologist, died prematurely in 1988 at the age of 41 years, He began working as a graphic designer and. He then photography at the end of the sixties. married in 1972 by anthropologist Francesco fået He begins to follow him in his search campaigns also collaborating with Collective Picture and Controinformazione, in close contact with the Bottega image (Group of visual researchers attended among others by Piero Berengo Gardin e Franco Pinna). His photographic surveys are carried out preferably in the south of Italy, sometimes in groups or even alone:

between 1970 e 1976 It is the theme of folk festivals and Holy Week in Campania, Calabria and Sicily. In Calabria still maintains the reportage on Melissa community, on funeral rites in the central area of ​​the region, the landscape and folk architecture, and the condition of women and children; all made between the mid 70 and mid 80. He collaborates with Universities and research centers, his photographs are published in specialized magazines and national newspapers, becoming an important reference for its evocative capacity determined also by its aesthetic experimentation Research.


The exhibition

Two sections contain rich 170 shots. A comprehensive summary of his vast business with jobs that have seen a conclusion alongside other unfinished. One section is titled Investigations on the ground: including documentation and testing (1970-1984), and it collects the images of the numerous ethnographic research campaigns carried out, in most cases, in collaboration with the departments of Anthropology 'University of Calabria and dell 'University of Messina.

In dwell on the "stories" of the photographer-anthropologist we feel a vitality that makes almost get the voices from the past. The black and white passes on everything; Faces of passion, ineluctable destinies, dilapidated buildings and tired, intense eyes, the life, and death. It explains the art of stopping the fleeting moment caught dall'indagatore of human nature.

The other section is devoted to photographs taken 1981 within the space of Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art; One year in the Gallery: Ethnography of an art space (1981) with which investigates artistic space. In 1980 Gallery hosted the exhibition Picture of death. Symbols and rituals of death in the southern Italian folk culture, result of work done by the Malabotti, in collaboration with faeta, the rituals and symbols of death. With the support of Giorgio de Marchis, then superintendent of the Gallery, the project was born, unfortunately unfinished. The photographer produces images of faces and actions learned in their relationship with the museum; artists, critics, technicians, communication curators, visitors. All taken in interaction with each other and with the artistic works. There is a psychological approach sniffing knowledge and culture, purpose and role of an environment such as the Galleria.


This exhibition marks the return somehow Marina Malabotti in its" Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, as if to complete the project in which life could not complete. And this adds emotion to the work of the exciting photographer.


Info, Costs and Time

Marina Malabotti photographer. A public gaze and private

From 5 February to 31 March 2019

At the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Via delle Belle Arti 131

Schedule: Tuesday – Sunday: h 8.30 – h 19.30, Monday closed, Last logged h 18.45

Full ticket € 10; reduced 5 €

Tel: 060608