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Medardo Rosso

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Medardo Rosso


From 10 October 2019 al 2 February 2020, at the Palazzo Altemps, part of the National Roman Museum, for the first time in Rome a monographic exhibition dedicated to Medardo Rosso, the original interpretation of the idea Impressionist sculptor copy. Sculptor and beyond, to be able, also through photography, to study the different points of view stimulated by his works simply to offer them to the public as further food for thought.

The exhibition

It has more than 30 works present arranged in a thematic order. A specific path through the halls of the first floor of the Palace, where the presence of some subjects are presented and compared with different versions, in which you can see the continuous processing of a subject in relation to the matter and light variant. The bronze, the wax and the plaster will discover the most congenial materials Medardo Rosso in her work, in an attempt to yield to what he called the "Fugitive space of a split second". In this the intention of the curators it seems reached, that is, to demonstrate how the Rosso We have effectively laid the foundations of modern thought in relation to the idea of ​​copying, no longer as simple reproduction, but as a true interpretation. The series of works such as "laughing girl", "Man Reading", Jewish Child "o" Laughing ", are explicit examples of how every time it seems to be facing a new work.

The exposure is enriched by the extraordinary suggestive context that stimulates constant references to classical, by comparison with the masterpieces in the Museum of Palazzo Altemps. Emerge a new dialogue and very interesting which makes comprehensively understand the value of the artistic figure of Medardo Rosso.

Another key element in the definition of the creative path Rosso Here are the photographs on display alongside sculptures. In fact the late nineteenth century thanks to photography, the artist deepens his research into matter and light, the latter almost processed as raw material itself. It undertook an original way by analyzing the shadows, contrasts and harmonies to discover more potential work. This is why his photographs are not merely supports the understanding, but are real investigation that open new perspectives.

Medardo Rosso

Born in Turin in 1858, he moved with his family in 1870 in Milan, where he attended the Brera Academy. In 1889 he went to Paris where he came into contact with the impressionists artists. In life he had great recognition; he exhibited in Paris, Vienna, London, Venezia. estimated by Degas e Rodin, He had a great influence on artists such as Boccioni, Manzù e Carra. He died in Milan in 1928. surely the first floor Artist and star of several recent well as international exhibitions in New York, Rotterdam o St.Louis; in Italy, paradoxically, He lived a fortune less consistent. The exhibition in Rome, the first entirely dedicated to the artist in the capital, He wants to fill a void that had no reason to exist, give adequate space to the magnitude of the sculptor, his search for truth through the work of art and its creative philosophy as he calls:

"Like painting, Also the sculpture has the ability to vibrate in a thousand odd lines, to come alive because of concussions of shadows and lights, more or less violent, of mysteriously become trapped in warm and cool colors, although the matter will be monochrome, whenever the artist knows how to calculate well the chiaroscuro which is at its disposal; to play in a word beings with all their own environment and revive them to us. "

The exhibition is curated by Paola Zatti, conservative of Gallery of Modern Art Milan, is yes Francesco Stocchi, curator of Museum Boijmans di Rotterdam, within a collaboration with the National Roman Museum and the Museo Medardo Rosso in Barzio, that emphasizes, in a manner consistent with this proposal, the objectives of the national museum system aimed at improving the use of cultural heritage. An unmissable opportunity to deepen an admirable artist.


Info, Timetable and prices

Medardo Rosso

From 10 October 2019 al 2 February 2020,

National Roman Museum – Palazzo Altemps, P.zza Sant’Apollinare, 46

Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday h 9-19.45, Monday closed

Ticket: Whole single seat € 10; supplement € 3 (mandatory in the case of the exhibition in the Museum spaces), Full Card cumulative € 12 (valid for three days allows access to all of the Museum premises); supplement € 3,00 (mandatory in the case of the exhibition in the Museum spaces)

Info: +39 06684851, Email mn-rm@beniculturali.it