Imaginary Landscapes of Giordano Angeletti

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Paesaggi Immaginari di Giordano Angeletti


critical texts:
* Frank Martin
* Riccardo Pieroni

These photographs show the public architectural miniatures placed in the context typical of the South of the United States. The contrast between the architecture lived - real and miniature, that idealizes forms and projects the values, creates a dynamic within the image that speaks of the differences between belonging to a place and occupy it, between reality and escape into fantasies with open eyes.
"These issues are a reflection on my condition emigrated, in an attempt to stem the uprooting experienced cast new rhizomes, I take refuge in a nostalgia tinged newspaper. These spaces do not belong to my past but they are fantasies of nostalgia and melancholy hues for what has never been; are attempts to anchor myself in a place that is foreign to me, illusions are reeling in an attempt to become true. "
When these images are viewed together become frames of a story, a narrative, an exploration of a space imagined simultaneously, desired and actual. They present the viewer with built-up landscapes that are devoid of human figures but full of their tracks. These imaginary landscapes are anchored to a particular location, Savannah, Georgia, dwell in a geography due to the southern United States that we meet in the literary and filmic.
The work presented here uses an inversion of the photographic habits; the captured image has not been reduced to enter the press sheet, but it magnified to be larger than the original. The photographed miniatures represent ordinary objects; are archetypes that are recognizable at a glance. At the beginning, the images are plausible but something that undermines credibility. The objects are easy to read, but something in detail questions the plausibility of the image.