Exhibitions - Sensuability: I said nothing mom?

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Bodies not perfect, but still sensual. to break down, ironically, the stereotypes of gender and disability is "Sensuability: I said nothing mom?”, Collective Exhibition of comics and illustrations that returns from the 5 July to 31 August 2019 Torments in the Hall of the House of Cinema in Rome. The exhibition will include comics and illustrations, made by the contest participants' Sensuability & Comics’, and boards donated by great artists such as Milo Manara, Fabio today, Mauro Biani, Frida Castles, Peter Vanessi, Luca Enoc, Frad, Luca Modesti, Marco Gava Gavagnin and many others.

The exhibition is, together with the Competition, the second stage of the project Sensuability, designed and built by Armanda Salvucci President of the Association of social promotion Nessunotocchimario, whose goal is to break down stereotypes related to sexuality and disability, with lightness and irony proposing a new culture of disability across all art forms. Un progetto che mai come oggi è necessario e utile soprattutto alle famiglie che non sanno come affrontare la questione della sessualità, a touchy subject for all, and even if it is linked to disabilities.

Sexuality is an integral part of the personality of each individual and can not be separated from other aspects of life. But the sex is often associated attractiveness, being young and attractive physically, It is brought back to the stereotype that only if you are "beautiful and perfect" you can do it.

What happens when a man or a woman does not correspond to this scheme? What happens when the body does not reach the idealized image that society imposes?

“La nostra sfida è proprio quella di contribuire a diffondere una cultura che rappresenti fisicità differenti dai soliti modelli di bellezza e dai canoni estetici imposti dai media – ha sostenuto Armanda Salvucci – La scelta di cambiare questa narrazione è caduta sul fumetto poiché questo è diventato un linguaggio più “adulto” e maturo anche nel raccontare la disabilità. Usually, however, the representation of persons with disabilities, in comics as in advertising, oscillates between two extremes: the victim and, by reaction, the hero. With the comic and illustration we want to represent all forms of disability, including less visible, and raise awareness on a complex topic, What is sexuality, helping to create a new erotic imagery that describes bodies are not perfect, but extremely sensual, all with lightness and irony. "

"When I thought about the title for the show I imagined surprised expression and stunned the visitors in front of the cartoons without the" mother "I have explained to them how things are, that disabled people are people and sensual sexed. We will do us with lightness and irony. But we did not tell the bees and the flowers. "

The event program includes large, give her 18.00, the presentation of the project together all'ideatrice Armanda Salvucci and the screening of the short film "Sensuability".


Cultural space of Roma Capitale - Department of Cultural Growth

Zètema Project Management Culture

Direction Giorgio Gosetti

in collaboration with RAI Cinema and 01 Distribution

Source: https://www.oggiroma.it/eventi/mostre/sensuability-ti-ha-detto-niente-la-mamma/48142/