Robert Mapplethorpe. The sensitive target

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Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition at the Galleria Corsini in Rome


From 15 March to 30 June 2019 At The Galleria Corsini.

On the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Robert Mapplethorpe, The Corsini Gallery in Rome It pays homage to him with an exhibition inspired by the master forms produced by its photographic art. clean yes Flaminia Gennari Santori, Also director of National Galleries Barberini Corsini, The exhibition presents for the first time in a contemporary artist gallery through 45 works from Mapplethorpe Foundation di New York.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Born in New York on 4 November 1946, famous for his portraits of celebrities, including Andy Warhol, Amanda Lear e Patti Smith his mistress before and then a great friend, for which he also realized the cover of his say Horses. As a boy he attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn following a course of advertising, after a short abandonment resumes his studies this time following a course of graphic arts which, however, will not terminate. In 1970 He began to create images made with polaroid, of the 1973 is the first solo exhibition, "Polaroids". In 1975 begins to operate with the Hasselblad, gift of her lover Sam Wagstaff, who had helped Mapplethorpe to make known his work in high society circles. With the new tool, that allows full control of the scenario, He realizes the masterpieces that will make him famous internationally: the controversial The X Portfolio, portraits of celebrities, still life, and sadomasochistic images. Shots that result and at the same time convey new and unexpected distinctive traits. The subjects and themes typical of pornography, like flowers that evoke intimate symbols or pictures of body building champion Lisa Lyon, generating a mixture of attraction and repulsion and a sense of perfection resulted from conflicting reality and presence of male and female. He died in Boston on 9 March 1989. He said that "Art is an accurate account of the time in which it was made", and in his time Mapplethorpe There he immersed himself with the grueling search for beauty through the revelation of light and shadow, using

The sensitive target

The selection of 45 works, where the artist's attention to the form is represented more prominently, It has been driven by the desire to relate them to the museum context, with the intention to create a relationship between the visitor, work and new and challenging environment. In the past it was the case that the work of Mapplerthorpe He would be placed beside Michelangelo O Auguste Rodin, In this case, the big news is that the harmony and symmetry always sought by the photographer, They are already predominant in the architecture of the space, the Palazzo Corsini, and in the works contained within the permanent exhibition.


It is so involved in a game of investigation of similarities and differences with the works of the past. "Oberland" of 1978 reminiscent of the portraits of Lorenzo Lotto, "Saint John the Baptist" by Caravaggio and "Venus and Adonis" by Jusepe de Ribera in comparison with "Black Bust" and "Apollo" of 1988, or "Woman" of 1981 in front of the sixteenth century "Portrait of a Woman" by a follower of From January Scorel, are examples of how the art of Mapplerthorpe can push the observer, transcending the subject, towards the details of symmetry and light, just like the comparison works, emphasizing their sculptural character. He said: "Had I been born one or two hundred years ago, I could have been a sculptor, but photography is a very quick way to see, to make sculpture ", and the ancient sculptures often found inspiration to reach its ambitious artistic goal, ie universalize any person inquadrasse, by male and female nudes to still life. In an interview conducted by Janet Kardon he said "If I look at a piece of bread or a flower, or you, my eye is no different ".


The exhibition surprising and involves in the continuous dialogue between past and present, in the languages ​​of different and complementary works, enveloping the visitor in an unexpected and exciting journey.

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Robert Mapplethorpe. The sensitive target

Roma, Corsini Gallery, Via Lungara 10 – Roma
From 15 March to 30 June 2019
SCHEDULE: Wednesday through Monday from 8.30 at 19.00.

The ticket office closes at 18.00.

TICKET: full 12 € – Reduced 6 €
The ticket is valid from the time of stamping for 10 days in both the Museum premises: Palazzo Barberini and the Galleria Corsini.

TEL: +39 06 4824184