ROME EUROPE FESTIVAL FESTIVAL 2018: pulsates to September the modern heart of Rome

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Roma europa festival 2018


August draws to a close but the city of Rome, regardless of the calendar pages, It offers even outdoor movie nights, aperitifs in the gardens and concerts in the parks. Rome is a place where the summer sun, despite occasional thunderstorms, He likes to linger until late October. And in this time suspended between summer and autumn, ripen the tastiest fruits and colorful cultural landscape of the Capitoline: taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures and temperate and September as the energy of a new artistic season, They reopen the curtains across the city. And every single performance takes on greater meaning when it is included in a broader event. For this reason Hotel Rinascimento and the Trevi Group They like to report to their readers and visitors similar initiatives, that enhance the city, showing the identity of great cultural center. therefore, so you can prepare well in advance to the next big event, Hotel Renaissance presents an unmissable event next month: the Romaeuropa Festival 2018. Save the date!

Love for contemporary art led to the general public

Since its first edition back in 1986, the Romaeuropa Festival He has gained a following and a growing success, to stand as one of the artistic reality of the most prestigious in Italy and Europe. A festival created to disseminate and promote the art, theater, dance and contemporary music and that, from year to year, seeks to channel new insights and creative energies, giving voice to experimentation and innovation. Finding a balance between great masters and new talents, Romaeuropa the Foundation has been able to educate a wide and diverse audience, teaching love and taste for contemporary artistic creation.

The edition 2018 it really presents in style, with a calendar of events that goes beyond the boundaries of Europe, opening to un'internazionalità now Global Festival. In addition to numerous exhibitions, conferences and seminars, 16 location hosting 68 different shows, for a total of 168 replicas, 55.000 offered for sale, 38 domestic raw, 29 international programs and 10 coproductions. Circa 60 company, 311 artists from 24 nations, who came to Rome in order to create a truly world-shaking Festival. Numbers from dizziness and high expectations for a Roman fall into which, from around the globe, visions, stories, sounds and movements that tell a contemporary story.

The location of the ROME EUROPE FESTIVAL

The places where the performances take place is certainly in keeping with the high standard of performances and are scattered throughout Rome; easy to get to any citizen or guest at the Hotel Renaissance.

  • Teatro Argentina
  • Auditorium Parco della Musica
  • Libraries of Rome
  • French Academy in Rome - Villa Medici
  • Teatro Vascello
  • Opificio Romaeuropa
  • Slaughterhouse - Testaccio area
  • Teatro Olimpico
  • Teatro Vittoria
  • Hungarian Academy in Rome
  • Sala Santa Rita
  • MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts
  • India theater
  • Palazzo Barberini
  • Octagonal Hall- ex Planetarium
  • Swiss Institute

The program of 2018

The program of events ROME EUROPE FESTIVAL is almost too vast to be able to account in detail. Suffice it to say that includes theater and circus, dance, concerts, installations, performance sperimentali, digital art and all types of contamination. Some shows provide the opportunity to attend via the web; Some are presented as virtual reality experiences; still others are offered to all as parades and street performances, at no charge. Different shades of fruition, of contact and involvement, in absolute freedom from any obligation or fee; feature that is perhaps the hallmark of contemporary creativity.

For the first shows the curtain opens 19 September while the last end the applause scrosceranno 25 November. Tickets, abbordabilissimi, range from 10 e i 40 Euros and include in some cases the reductions.

Many occasions to seize, like fruit from a cornucopia. Just choose a novelty on the official event website and a true taste of avant-garde of Rome all over the its rich flavor.