Underground dei Fori Imperiali. Special opening

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The basement of the imperial holes


From Trajan's Column at the Forum of Nerva: New archaeological area of ​​the Imperial Forums

Sunday 12 May at 11.45 “Underground dei Fori Imperiali. Special opening”
Piazza Madonna di Loreto (in front of the entrance gate of Trajan's Column).

In the Inauguration of Extraordinary, we will have the privilege of entering the New archaeological area of ​​the Imperial Forums: we will start our journey from Trajan's Column up to the Forum of Nerva.
We will understand the construction of the area dedicated to Trajan dating from the second century d.C. and it considered by the Romans for its grandeur “the wonder” of the world. We narrate the work of Apollodorus of Damascus – celebrated architect author of impressive projects for the Emperor and some original solutions such as the placement of the Basilica Ulpia. We will stop at the base of the elegant Loggia dei Cavalieri di Malta – settled in the twelfth century – and we perceive they were the rooms of the Forum of Augustus: not only an immense court, but also a rich gallery of sculptures related to the history of Rome: Enea, Romulus, Julia gens.
We will cross the aisle underlying Via dei Fori Imperiali and see the images of the demolition of the District of Alexandria: passage possible only in recent times. We will come to the Forum of Caesar and observe closely the precious materials used: travertine marble, columns rare and valuable mosaics.
We will arrive at the Forum of Nerva which will see the two extremes and Western eastern areas, found in 1930: the central part of the square at the time is still underground, but we can identify its location.
An unmissable trip through time!

Cost: Euro 15,00 (entrance, booking, guided tour and headphones)
Reductions: Euro 13 (citizens less years 18, journalists, handicapped, students and art teachers)
Euro 11: Mic Card Holders
Appointment in Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, Input Trajan's Column (where you see the poster “Forum of Caesar”)
Reservations required.

Please note: Before starting the tour – if I still do not have the pleasure to meet you directly- Please assure you that to lead the group and Chiara Proietti and always ask Visits Clare Drive


When, Dove, Information

The 12/05/2019

Imperial Forums
Via dei Fori Imperiali – Roma (RM)


Reservations are always required.
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Source: https://www.oggiroma.it/eventi/visite-guidate/sotterranei-dei-fori-imperiali-apertura-straordinaria/47019/