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From 17 April to 3 November 2019 return the Travel in ancient Rome edited Piero Angela.

After the successes of recent years are repeated exciting routes through the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar. Under the starry sky of the capital, thanks to special audio systems, the visitor, accompanied by the voice of Piero Angela, walk among the ancient stones encountering spectacular films and screenings that reconstruct the places as they were originally in ancient Rome. The music and special effects will contribute to a depiction particularly evocative and rich in historical and rigorous scientific information.

Forum of Caesar

For the route of the Forum of Caesar access it is next to Trajan's Column, from where, through a staircase, you enter the Trajan's Forum, that is exceeded thanks to a specially made catwalk. You go through, then, The underground tunnel of Imperial Forums and you come to the Forum of Caesar coming to the Roman Curia. The story that develops along the path of the history of the excavations made between 1924 and the 1932, they were used for the construction of the then empire via, Today the current Via dei Fori Imperiali, When it was excavated the entire area to get to the level of the ancient road Roma. Then you enter history with the remains of the grand Temple of Venus, at the time it wanted to be Julius Caesar after the victory achieved on Pompey. And here we are immersed in a fascinating journey through time. Among the remains of colonnades and buildings, through films and special effects, reappear ancient the losers, that is, offices and shops in the Forum, including a nummulario, a kind of service money era. The figure of Julius Caesar become central to the story Angela, that will do a thorough knowledge of the character and ambitions of a man idolized even by some, feared and hated by others. It will be the work of the Forum that bears his name to reveal it. Julius Caesar had it demolished an entire neighborhood to make it happen, up to build the new headquarters of the Roman Senate, the Curia still present building, that thanks to the virtual reconstruction will be possible to see how it looked old at the time.


Forum of Augustus

Is the visit to Forum of Caesar It is structured as a route explorer discovering new knowledge, the story of Forum of Augustus assist visitors seated grandstand set up on Via Alexandrina, with still visible part of the archaeological remains in the Forum. This time the center of the narrative of Piero Angela It is the figure of Augusto, with which the history of Rome during the imperial enters. Augusto, indeed, is the protagonist of the beginning of the great territorial expansion, that within a century, He led Roma to reign in much of Europe from the current England, and the Middle East to North Africa. Through the different techniques of simultaneous projections of images, video clips, lights and animations, It traces the beginning of the era in which Augusto, as well as scoring the address of new conquests, determine the characteristics of a great civilization made of culture, art, legal rules and technology, and development of economic and administrative sphere. A single character that brought about a radical turn to the history of ancient Rome.


The visits provided only in the evening, add charm and enchantment. Definitely a special way to enter the time the bowels of Rome, a city that shows every time a great capacity to surprise, revealing its guests the splendor of its history with infinite shades.

For the visit of the Forum of Augustus there are three performances every night (time 40 minutes), while for the Forum of Caesar you can access each 20 minutes. The story of Piero Angela comes in 8 languages (italiano, English, French, russo, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese).


Info,Timetable and prices

Travel in ancient Rome

From 17 April to 3 November 2019, Forum of Augustus Via Alexandrina, Suddenly facing the Forum of Augustus, Forum of Caesar, near Trajan's Column

Schedule: Forum of Augustus
From 1st May to 31 August: h 21–22–23, From 1 to 30 September: h 20–21–22, From 1st October to 11th November: h 19–20–21

Forum of Caesar

From 1st June to 31 July: h 21-23.40, 1 to 31 August: h 20.40-23.40, 1 to 30 September: Sunday-Friday h 20-23; Saturday h 20-23.20, 1 to 31 October: h 19-22.20, 1st to 11th November: Sunday-Monday h 18.20-21.40; Saturday h 18.20-22

Tickets: Single show ticket € 15, Reduced € 10, Combined Forum of Augustus + Forum of Caesar Whole € 25, Reduced € 17. For the Forum of Augustus the box office opens one hour before, the Forum of Caesar opens half an hour before.

Info: 060608, everyday h 9-19,