Faces of Rome to Montemartini

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Faces of Rome shows Montemartini


From 18 April to 22 September 2019 to Capitoline Museums, at the headquarters of Montemartini an original exhibition to discover the old in new ways. The exhibition is sponsored by Rome capital city, Department of Cultural GrowthCapitolina Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, is clean yes Claudio Parisi Presicce e Luigi Spina, with the organization of Zètema Culture Project

I 37 portraits Republican and imperial era alongside the 60 photographic reproductions of the same models in an astonishing dialogue, are the protagonists of modern inspiration and creative intuition linked to direct contact with the ancient, that produces a fantastic game of constant jumps in time.


The photographer and co-curator Luigi Spina It advocates a research project on ancient portraiture, present in Capitoline Museums, which was held between the 2018 and early 2019. Since this project is a direct relationship was born with Superintendent Capitolina, whose product is this exposure.

The action of the Superintendent, now engaged for many years in the systematic cataloging of its assets consists of 696 specimens, It allowed to have a full investigation on the different types portraiture of the emperors and their families. Furthermore, the study resulting in what is considered, likely, the most important collection in the world, He stressed the influence that the creations have had in the evolution of these artistic trends, to depictions of private.

In this context it took place the action of Luigi Spina, exploration influenced by suggestions and reminders stimulated by the works, without thinking about the type of style or chronology.

The photographer observes and analyzes through the lights and shadows, finding, every time we look at his work, something that we did not know, we had not thought. And the proximity between photographic works and ancient faces creates a suggestive communication circuit, up to produce evidence of the peculiarity that at first sight hardly emerge.

The photograph becomes the secret passage to the full knowledge of the ancient work.


The exhibition


The exhibition is designed as a distributed path for all rooms of the museum, where the photographs are located in the vicinity of the subjects, in order to better appreciate the dialogue between the works and among the visions of sensitive Spina and the ancient artists. The 60 black and white photos, hand printed by the same author, They are all size 50×60, and they are made of optical bench, technique of which the author is a great connoisseur and who in the past has produced high-level results. While portraits, marble or travertine, depict both known characters both faces of strangers, in addition to some ideal heads and Roman copies of Greek originals.

The variety of subjects, Some photographed several times, again he emphasizes how research and artistic interpretation of Spina try to go beyond and within the ancient work, through his personal feelings. This almost pushes the visitor to become the medium between the two different artistic languages.

This exhibition reveals how tempting an opportunity to admire important ancient works in an unusual and original, so as to discover other opportunities for learning and living the experience of surprise.

The exhibition catalog Faces of Rome to Montemartini. Photographs by Luigi Spina, edited Claudio Parisi Presicce e Luigi Spina, interesting and well done, It can be a great companion to continue the journey started.

Info, Timetable and prices

Faces of Rome the central Montemartini
From 18 April to 22 September 2019 – Capitoline Museums, Montemartini, Via Ostiense 106
TIMETABLES: Tuesday-Sunday 9-19, Closed Mondays

The ticket office closes half an hour before
tickets: Adults € 9, Reduced € 8
For citizens residing in Roma Capitale (by showing a valid ID residency): Adults € 8, Reduced € 7
Free entry for those set by the current legislation
Info: 060608 (daily hours 9 – 19)